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You’ll get interesting bits on stocks you probably have never heard of before. They might be good, bad, or neutral. But they are different. When possible, we may even sprinkle in some humor.

Most of these are sourced from a broad network of people, places, and services. The ones that make the cut are some combination of potential returns, thoughtful or non-consensus analysis, and relative obscurity. It could be a tiny company with a $50M market cap or a large one doing something out of the ordinary.

This is, positively, nothing close to investment advice. The only people interested in this are seasoned professional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals.

In other words, these are clues for finding places to do follow-on work or maybe avoid doing any further work if we’ve learned enough to decide there’s not enough reason to pursue something.

I aim to publish a note or two a month only when I see something worth considering. They may be very short to about two pages long if I’ve got my research to add.

I’ll keep the short and “above the fold” content public and free, but the longer-form material will require a paid subscription.

Since many of these are sourced from others, I will invite many of them to come and do a short podcast that we will publish here. I’ll also allow paid subscribers to submit questions we can cover in the podcast.

I hope we can contribute some morsels to your investment idea gathering.

As a reminder - NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. Nobody knows anything. I may be long or short anything I write about.


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